One Minute Videos


These are videos only one step from the photographs. The camera does not move (though it is not on a tripod). There is no sound. And the duration is one minute. Nothing “happens” except those small things that continually take place, in some small way. You don’t have to “watch” them like a normal film or video. You can look for awhile or glance and keep going, just as you would a photograph. In fact, I prefer to hang them on the wall like a picture in a frame.

Flowing Water, Fifth Avenue, 2012

Rotating Foam, The Kaaterskill, 2013

Dripping Water, Siracusa, 2012

The three videos might load automatically but to see them you might have to press play by hitting the little arrow in the lower left. In exhibition they loop continually with a little blackout “blink” between each minute.