The idea of comparing similar objects with photographs in a grid goes back over a century, no doubt, but had its coming out party with the Bechers in the 1960s. It’s a really natural tendency of mine to see similar things and want to compare them, and as I’ve done this over thirty years, I realize how much richer they are than the Bechers’ more famous versions (which are archetypal, I admit). These typologies are meant to not quite just resonate on a first level, but suggest a looser visual and conceptual framework.

They do, however, still operate on both the first level, as a grid, and closer up, as a series of rather curious found objects and events.


Lumberjack Stacks, the Pine Bush, 2016

Circles of Light and Duct Tape, Troy, NY, 2016

Orange Fences, Colonie, NY, 2016